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Want a Slime Fail video?

I will do a video showing some of my slime fails if I get 5 comments on this video saying #slimefails So if you would like me to do a slime fails video then become a member on this website which is free btw and then comment down below.

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Check out my Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/slimeinspireslimes/?hl=en for slime ASMR and other satisfying videos!!!


Please let me know what your favorite videos on this website are. You can also comment ideas for videos for me and I might do it. These might include more tutorials, ASMR videos, or Sabrina videos, or

Sabrina is coming to Slime Inspire!

Sabrina, A sassy slime maker is coming to slime inspire! I will post videos of me as Sabrina in the videos section of this website. Sabrina is a funny stereotypical popular girl who loves slime. She w

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