Slime Types


Regular slime is a base for most slimes. It is a simple glue and activator recipe. 


Clear Slime is very similar to regular slime except it's clear. It's also a basic recipe: clear glue and activator.


Crunchy Slime is slightly stickier regular slime with the addition of floam beads which add a nice crunching sound.


Jiggily slime is regular slime with water added giving it a jiggily texture. It resembles liquid and jiggles when you touch it. Most jiggily slimes however are not very stretchy.


Butter Slime is regular slime with clay added. Daiso clay is the most common clay used. Butter slime has a soft clay-like texture that can be spread with a knife.


Fluffy slime's fluffy texture comes from shaving cream which is one of the ingredients in it. Fluffy slime has a really nice feel but it's not stretchy and will deflate and get hard after a few days.


Metallic Slime is clear slime with either pigment or metallic acrylic paint mixed in. Metallic Slime has the same texture as clear slime but is much shinier and not transperant. 


Cloud Slime is regular slime with instant snow added in to give it a soft cloud - like texture. When making this, over activate your slime before adding the snow in because the snow will melt your slime.


Iceberg slime is fluffy slime that has been left out for 3 days. The slime develops a hard top which is fun to break and then mix into the slime.

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